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Social Media Management

Social media managers are now responsible for engaging directly with a brand’s customers, maintaining a brand’s message and reputation, collecting valuable customer insights in real-time, and providing customer support.

Social media managers today are intimately involved across business functions, including:

• Marketing – Social media managers are responsible for driving sales through the pipeline, building brand awareness and increasing web traffic from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. They implement a brand’s marketing strategy and ensure its messaging is delivered accurately on these channels.

• Listening – More and more customers and loyal brand advocates are taking to social media to express both concerns and praise. As a result, social media managers are also keeping track of new conversations on social media to inform the brand’s content strategy or respond to pertinent news in real-time.

• Commerce – Social commerce is the intersection of social media and e-commerce, and it’s one of the major trends shaping the future of shopping. Shopping directly on social media is expected to double by 2025. The trend is driven by younger shoppers, particularly Gen Z, which is projected to overtake millennial spending power by 2031.

As social commerce becomes the norm, social media managers are an integral part of a company’s e-commerce strategy. Brands need to ensure social media and commerce teams collaborate to provide a seamless purchasing experience and keep the social store up to date with inventory and sales information.

Customer experience is a key differentiator between brands, and today, customers expect timely and excellent care on social media. In fact, 1 in 3 social media users prefer receiving customer care on social media to phone or email.

Ignoring customer care on social media when so many customers prefer to connect on social can have serious impacts on customer retention. Almost 20% of consumers would abandon a purchase after just one poor customer experience. Social media and customer service teams need to work together to inform each other on a customer’s journey pre-, during and post-sale.


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